Sprague's Maple Farms

Sprague's Maple Farms has a beautiful restaurant, store, sugar house, offers maple syrup tours during the year and parts for your maple syrup operation.

Sprague’s Maple Farms is well known in our area for its authentic maple products.  What people may not know is how the farm was started and what goes into the process.

Randy Sprague began sugarin’ thirty years ago on a small scale, as a hobby.  In the beginning, Randy would just make enough syrup for the family’s use or to give a little away.  A couple of years later, he decided to expand into a commercial operation which meant a major shift with larger equipment.  He had to increase the number of taps he was putting out, from a few hundred to around 15,000.  He also purchased several pieces of property and rented taps from other owners.

Sprague’s Maple Farms makes a variety of maple products, including syrup, maple cream, maple sugar, jelly, and granulated maple sugar.  All of their products are packaged in very decorative containers and some in glass which has been imported from Italy.  Sprague’s ships large orders across the country and into Europe as well, and they sell a lot of syrup to specialty shops across the country.

Our beautiful facility has been and continues to be an area attraction that allows people to see the maple operation, how they handle the sap and the processing, from start to finish. The addition of our rustic sugarhouse and Indian village have been a great enhancement for educational tours.

In addition, remember to order a fresh dressed free-range turkey next fall from Sprague’s Turkey Farms.  Located at 51 Maple Ave. in Portville.  For more information please telephone (716) 933-8505.

(716) 933-6637
1048 Route 305
Portville, NY 14770

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