Pine Hill Cattle Company

We are a small grass-based dairy farm, that also sells beef and eggs off the farm. We do all the work ourselves- Tom & Marge and their three sons, Jackson, Jeff, and Joe. We are located high atop a hill in Randolph, NY- an elevation that helps us maintain high-protein grasses for our cows, and ensures there is always a breeze!

Our dairy cows rotationally graze our 50 acres using high-tensile fence system. Our chickens, raised out on pasture, produce eggs in a high-ceiling coop, with plenty of light and a wonderful fresh water system. Many of our loyal customers come right to the farm to get their eggs. We welcome them any way we can help them!

We sell our beef primarily by the half or by the whole.

We have it serviced at the local butcher shop- cut to your specifications. An average sized beef steer will yield 400lbs of meat- if that is too much- find a friend to pair up with. There is nothing like meat that tastes like meat and having it cut just the way you like it!

Come visit the farm up on the mountain! Bring the kids! There is nothing like it up here! On a farm tour, you can see cows milked, chickens laying eggs, calves being fed, butter being made, beef cows munching on lush green grass. We sell Farm Fresh brown eggs, naturally pastured raised beef, and if you are lucky, Margie will have whipped up a batch of home-grown pickles just for you!

Come see how farming was meant to be!  Call for appointment!

(716) 358-2280
2408 Pine Hill Road
Randolph, NY 14772

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