Steuernagel Farm

Steuernagel Farm is a small operation farm with 60 head of cattle.  The beef are raised exclusively on grass and spring water.  They are never "finished" on grain, given growth promotants, appetite stimulants or unnecessary anti-biotics.  During the spring and summer they utilize a rotational pasture system and in winter, the herd is fed balage from their own hay fields.  Beef is available dependent on growth/gain of cattle and readiness for butchering.  Beef is sold on site, by appointment only.

In the future, this farm would like to welcome visitors to show what a small grass fed beef operation looks like and how humanely the animals are raised and promote education of where their food comes from and how it is raised.  They support LOCAL agriculture, and how it benefits everyone in the community. 

This farm also grows concord grapes, on 27 acres that is home to vines planted almost 100 years ago.  They are still productive and flourishing, producing 180 tons of grapes to Welches. 

(716) 532-5685
11523 North Rd.
Perrysburg, NY 14129

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