Nichols Farm

The family operated, medium-sized Nichols Dairy Farm located in the Town of Freedom owned and operated by Doug & Betty Nichols and family.  Straddling the Freedom-Farmersville town line, they recently installed a 24- cow DeLavale milking parlor.  Currently, their herd is more than 500 cows. 

Using technology for their advantage, the Nichols use a program to help monitor the herd and gather information about each cow milked that is then uploaded to the Internet.  They also use programs to manage their planting and spreading manure, and also when too much seed is being planted for the field conditions.  Another exciting device they have been utilizing is called a MooCall, which alerts the Nichols to when a cow is about to give birth.  They can then oversee the birth, ensuring that it occurs in a clean birthing stall. 

The Nichols are farming into their third generation and are excited to be using technology to be able to continue the family farm for future generations. 

(716) 676-5779
144 New York 243
Farmersville Station, NY 14060

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